Profile of Anber Machine Company Specialist in powder coating line
We Anber Coating is the leading manufacturer who specialized in the powder coating equipments in China, including pretreatment (both economical immersion tank type and auto vertical shower type), dry-off furnace, powder booth, powder guns, reciprocator, recycling unit for over-spray powder, curing furnace, etc. Our coating lines are suitable for aluminium profiles, control cabinets, aluminium wheels, LPG tanks, hardware, iron chairs, dish antennas, wire meshs, fences, crash barriers, guide railings, and so on. We're able to provide the surface treatment equipments on nearly all aluminium and steel workpieces.
Most of our engineers have more than 20 years experience in this field. With their rich knowledge, we've exported several complete powder coating lines to foreign countries, including horizontal aluminium powder coating line, vertical aluminium profile powder coating line, control cabinet powder coating line, steel sheet powder coating line, guard rail powder coating line, noise barrier powder coating line, security door powder coating line, perforated metal mesh powder coating line, LPG tank powder coating line, reflector of dish antenna powder coating line, table & chair leg powder coating line, panel mesh powder coating line, etc. Please contact us right now to let our well-experienced metal surface finishing experts to design a powder coating line suits for your actural production requirement.
We are the company born from staff members with a wealth of experience in the metal finishing industry. This experience has been gained via projects involving home, Far East, Middle East and Africa markets. Our forward planning and capability structure is very much geared around ensuring our expertise is available to customers requiring all aspects of finishing equipment.
Suppliers of:1. Complete finishing plants
2. Industrial Ovens (Drying, Stoving, Curing, Box and Well Type)
3. Vertical Spray Pre-Treatment
4. Immersion Tank Pre-Treatment & Transporters
5. Solid power application machine
6. Conveyored Systems
7. Modifications to Existing Plant
8. Spare parts