Overhead conveyor
  • Overhead conveyor for vertical powder coating line (loading area)

  • Overhead conveyor for vertical powder coating line (unloading area)

  • Conveying height adjusting section

  • Top view of overhead conveyor

  • Professional power & free overhead conveyor

  • Track conveyor for powder painting line

  • Heavy type power & free conveyor

  • Enclosed track for overhead conveyor

  • Bending track for powered overhead conveyor

  • Conveyorised system for powder coating line

  • Overhead conveyor (Power & Free) for Aluminium profile lacqueur line

  • Overhead monorail conveyor for gas cylinder powder coating line

  • Driving uniyt for conveying chain

  • Oven conveyor

Function of overhead conveyer

At the start of powder coating line, the product is manually loaded onto the overhead conveyor then it is transported at high level through chemical pretreatment then through dry off oven and finally through the powder coat application and into curing oven. After a cool off zone the product could be offloaded and transported to the packing and despatch areas. Empty hooks are then sent back to the start zone of the line ready for a new production.

Features of chain conveyorized system
1.The convey system is mainly composed of chain, track, driving unit, lubrication unit, chain tension adjusting unit, expansion joint, support post, hanging hook, etc. Cold rolled into shape, the convey track is made up of horizontal bend section, convey height adjusting section, joint, hanging hook, etc. Cause the horizontal height of every equipment is different, the convey height adjusting section is designed to make sure the workpiece will be of right height when its coming into each equipment.
2.The convey chain is forced by driving unit to make it go along track. When it comes to different sections of track, it can automatically make corresponding changes on convey height and direction. The driving units equipped with safety pin protection for overloading.
3.Temperature expansion joint: when the convey track comes across drying furnace, the high temperature may cause thermal deformation on convey chain. Thus we design expansion joint at both ends of high-temperature zone for compensation.
4.The lubrication unit is helpful in drop oiling for axis pin, cross head and roller for regular maintenance.
5.Stepless regulation of convey speed for easy control and auto failure alarm for safety production.