Coil painting line
  • Color painted coil production line

  • Continuous color painting line

  • Continuous metal coil painting line

  • Curing furnace for aluminium painted coil

  • Curing oven for metal coil

  • Painting machine for steel coil

  • Re-coiler for painted metal coil

  • Coated steel coil receiving machine

  • Collecting device for painted coil

  • Color coated aluminium coil

  • Finished aluminium coil from coil painting line

Technical parameters

1. Products need to be painted: Aluminium coil or steel coil
2. Coil weight: Max 400kg
3. Coil thickness: 0.22-0.45mm
4. Outer diameter of coils: 800mm
5. Inner diameter of coils: 400mm
6. Painting speed: 5-20m/min
7. Position error of finished coils: ±2mm
8. Heating source: natural gas (Other choices are available: electricity, oil or coal)

Layout Plan for Metal Coil Painting Line

Process flow
Coil loading cart → hydraulic expanding drum uncoiler → roll leveler → First shearing machine → hydraulic conecting machine → first grip feeder → first turning roll → First looping pit → Second turning roll → surface painting → paint curing → centring roll → second looping pit → turning roll → tension roll → second grip feeder → second shearing machine → tension machine → hydraulic coiler with EPC edge alignment → hydraulic unloading cart → stocking

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