Steel plate powder coating line
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  • Steel sheet powder coating line

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  • Steel plate powder coating line

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  • Steel panel powder coating line

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Design basis for steel plate powder coating line

1. Name of workpiece: Steel plate
2. Max hanging size on each hanger: L1200mm×W30mm×H2200mm
3. Loading capacity on hanging hook: ≤70kg
4. Suggested interval between 2 hangers: 500mm
5. Conveying speed: 4m/min (Adjustable control)
6. Output: 1000pcs per day (8 hours working per day)
7. Spraying method: 6 auto spray guns (match on 2 reciprocators) & 2 manual spray guns
8. Heating source: natural gas (Other choices are available: electricity, oil or coal)
9. Pretreatment system: Vertical shower type

Process flow for steel sheet powder coating line
1. Feed your steel plates on this automatic powder coating line
2. Pre-degreasing stage (50-65 Celsuis for 1 min)
3. Degreasing stage (50-65 Celsuis for 2 mins)
4. Rinsing stage (Room temperature for 1-2 mins)
5. Surface conditioning stage (Room temperature for 1 min)
6. Phosphating stage (35-45 Celsuis for 3 mins)
7. Rinsing stage (Room temperature for 1-2 mins)
8. Drying off oven to remove surface moisture (100-120 Celsuis for 10 mins)
9. Powder application with spray guns
10. Powder curing (180-200 Celsuis for 20 mins)
Finished product dischargingIf above parameters cannot meet with your strict coating need, please contact us for more detail. We can make some adjustments or even improvements to suit your actual production conditions.

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