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Design Basis of aluminium wheel powder coating line

1. Name of workpiece: Aluminium wheels for auto vehicle
2. Max size of wheel: Diameter: 560mm, Width: 250mm
3. Max hanging size on each hanger: L600mm×W300mm×H1500mm
4. Loading capacity on hanging hook: ≤50kg (2pcs for 22" wheel)
5. Suggested interval between 2 hangers: 350mm
6. Conveying speed: 1.3m/min
7. Output: 150-180pcs per hour
8. Spraying method: 4 auto spray guns (match on 2 reciprocators) & 2 manual spray guns
9. Heating source: natural gas (Other choices are available: electricity, oil or coal)
10. Pretreatment system: Immersion tank type
11. Required plant size: L50m×W24m×H6.5mm

Design description of automobile wheel powder coating line
1. According to the shape of aluminium wheel, we design the pretreatment to be economical immersion tank type with 6 stage processings.
2. After chemical cleaning, he pre-treated workpieces will be conveyed to drying furnace for water removal on their surface. The drying furnace is designed being tank type to match with immersion pretreatment tanks, and with a top-door design for easy access of pre-treated workpieces.
3. After drying, the workpieces are ready for powder particle adhesion. Please manually feed them on auto powder painting line. For a better painting result, the spray booth, waster powder recycling system, reciprocator adopts advanced equipments in China through our careful selection. And the spraying guns, both auto and manual are imported from foreign famous company for a longer service life. Then these workpieces will be sent to gas-fired furnace tunnel to let powder melt into a smooth coating.

Process flow of motor wheel powder painting line
1. Feed your aluminium wheels on crane hanger for the preparation for chemical cleaning
2.Pickling stage (Room temperature for 3-5 mins)
3.Rinsing stage (Room temperature for 1-2 mins)
4.Rinsing stage (Room temperature for 1-2 mins)
5.Chromizing stage (25-35 Celsuis for 1-5 mins)
6.Rinsing stage (Room temperature for 1-2 mins)
7.Rinsing stage (Room temperature for 1-2 mins)
8.Drying off oven to remove surface moisture (70-100 Celsuis for 20-30 mins)
9.Manually transfer the pre-treated objects to powder coating line
10.Powder application with spray guns
11.Powder curing (180-200 Celsuis for 20-18 mins)
12.Finished product discharging
If above parameters cannot meet with your strict coating need, please contact us for more detail. We can make some adjustments or even improvements to suit your actual production conditions.

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