Powder spray gun
  • Automatic powder application gun (imported from Nordson)

  • Automatic powder coating spray gun in working (imported from Nordson)

  • Gema automatic powder coating gun

  • Auto Gema powder painting gun with spare part kit

  • Automatic powder coating gun (Made-in-China)

  • Automatic electrostatic powder coating spray gun (Made in China)

  • Automatic electrostatic powder painting gun (imported from GEMA)

  • GEMA manual electrostatic powder painting gun

  • Manual electrostatic powder spray gun with replacement kit

  • Manual powder gun (Gema - OptiSelect series)

  • Powder application equipment from Gema

  • Cheap chinese brand manual powder gun

  • Manual electrostatic powder spray gun (made in China)

  • Electrostatic powder coating application gun

  • Manual powder coating gun with spare parts

  • Auto reciprocator for the movement of auto powder spray gun

  • Gun mover for the auto powder application

  • Manual powder painting center (powder gun, feed hopper with digital controller)

  • Electrostatic manual powder spray application equipment

  • Electrostatic powder coating machine

  • Digital display electrostatic powder coating equipment

  • Electrostatic powder spraying equipment

  • Intelligent powder coating machine

  • Manual electrostaticl powder coating system

  • Manual powder coating gun system

  • Electrostatic powder coating spray gun machine

  • Manual powder spraying center

  • Pulse powder coating system

Operation principle of powder spray gun

Function of powder painting gun - Main part for the powder application on the workpieces

For most coating requirements powder is sprayed and charged electrostatically through spray guns onto the workpiece.
Our powder gun,adopting the corona charging method,makes use of a high voltage generator (80-100 kv) to bring an electrostic charge (mostly negative) onto the powder particles through the intermediate process of creating oxygen ions.
1) Strong electrostatic field results in effective charging and higher deposition
2) Electrostatic field lines support the powder particles to move toward the workpiece
3) Simple repairs of the powdered surface are possible
4) Light, robust spray gun
5) Accepts different types of powder materials and particle sizes
6) Film thickness can be simply changed by voltage variations
7) Simple construction is suited for fast color changes